How to Outline a Novel:

Or Anything Else I Am Going To Write

I am a Novelist or Author. I work in Fiction. The Outline Process I am going to describe to you works for me because it is simple and anyone can use it. I'm sure somewhere there was a teacher who provided you with outline structures. A great way to organize your thoughts. Start with a Roman Numeral one and then use capital letters, etc.

Nothing will stifle your creativity faster than trying to remember rules about how to outline. If formal outlining is second nature to you, then go for it and you can stop reading this article. On the other hand, if you keep chasing away your muse with the boredom of outlining then stop! Put down your pencil and take this short journey with me.

I am explaining this process for writing a novel, but it will work for any type of writing. If you are a writer, you will be able to figure it out.

First, have a title. It doesn't matter if it is a real title. Have a name for your work. Can't figure one out? Call …

Would You Pick Up This Book

My latest WIP is an illustrated novella. The age range is from 10 to 20. This is the cover, and I am looking for feedback. Would you pick up this book based on the cover?

A Woman Spy in Victorian England, A Thirties PI In SF, Booh & Babbot, and Dragons?

I have a number of outstanding projects and I am not always careful in letting people know what I am working on. So here are some descriptions of what I am doing and where I am at, and links where you can learn more about what I am doing.

In Her Majesty's Service
I have completed the first two drafts and handed it off to my editor. Now I nervously sit and wait for his response. The following link is to the Facebook page for the series. It is followed by a link to The blog for the same series.
The Adventures of Booh and Babbot
A number of years ago I had finished a book called the "Gamemaker's Apprentice" and I developed a game. It went through a number of iterations and never went anywhere. Out of it came a couple of characters and a Backstory. Now I have an Illustrated Book in development thanks to the gifted Illustrator named Lara Calleja. You can see her work …

Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure Series

On Amazon, "The Case of the Running Bag", which is a free eBook, is number 8 in Young Adult Mystery and number 30 in Fiction historical mystery.
Was it an accident, or was it an Attempted Murder?
A socialite's missing husband. A dead private detective. And a dangerous game of impersonation...
It all started when Jonas Watcher found a business card along with some keys – curious... some money – a really good thing... and a gun definitely deadly...

It's the nineteen thirties and Jonas Watcher must solve the mystery of the dead PI if he wants to stay alive.

“The Case of the Running Bag” is the first novel of the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure series. It features a traditional P.I. dealing with extortion, kidnapping, and murder. Author Gene Poschman brings back the hard-boiled detective novel, featuring the romance and humor reminiscent of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

Pick up a free copy of the first book in the Jonas Watcher series and step into the exciting age …

Asking Advice on the cover for The Fifth Book in The Jonas Watcher Detective Series

To the right is a cover idea I have for the fifth book in the in the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure Series; "The Case of the Laveau Curse". Please take a look at the cover and tell me what you think. 
The book is due to come out this summer. Here is a synopsis of what's to come...
Jonas Watcher's has been asked to return to New Orleans by Georgette Maveaux.
Her son came for a visit and he has disappeared into the Bayou.
While the issues of Jason's previous visit were very much worldly, he is now to be confronted with the mythology of Southern Louisiana.
A decedent  Marie Catherine Laveau has demanded payment for a hundred-year-old debt.
Baron Samdi has been approached to collect that debt. A Vodou ceremony is held to bring the Baron from the other world and Jonas is witness to the process.
After all the theatrics Jonas meets with Doc? He is a GP who practices in New Orleans and on the edge of the Bayou. He is an expert in Vodou and other mystic arts. He is can…
A Challenge

Well, let's see if I can get a feel for how many people are really out there. Hmmm...
I am working on my fifth book. It is not a part of the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure, although the fifth book in that series is in the works. I am introducing a new series called "In Her Majesty's Service". The first book is called "M'Lady's Gentleman". It is an Agatha Wingate Spy Adventure.
The series takes place in the nineteenth century in England.
I am providing the prologue for the book below. The stories will have some historical value but they are fiction. What I need is to find a cover artist who will also provide black and white illustrations. My budget is $150 per book. I need a cover and 6 to 8 B/W illustrations. I have the basic wording for the cover and I have shown here. I am open to change suggestions. I am looking to do six short novels this year in this series and each will have a cover and illustrations. I am looking for a sample of wo…