A Challenge

Well, let's see if I can get a feel for how many people are really out there. Hmmm...
I am working on my fifth book. It is not a part of the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure, although the fifth book in that series is in the works. I am introducing a new series called "In Her Majesty's Service". The first book is called "M'Lady's Gentleman". It is an Agatha Wingate Spy Adventure.
The series takes place in the nineteenth century in England.
I am providing the prologue for the book below. The stories will have some historical value but they are fiction. What I need is to find a cover artist who will also provide black and white illustrations. My budget is $150 per book. I need a cover and 6 to 8 B/W illustrations. I have the basic wording for the cover and I have shown here. I am open to change suggestions. I am looking to do six short novels this year in this series and each will have a cover and illustrations. I am looking for a sample of wo…

The Case of The Free eBook

The Case of the Running Bag is the first novel in the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure Series.
The eBook is free at all internet booksellers.* A Simple Accident? Or Attempted Murder? A socialite's husband is missing. A private detective is dead and Jonas Watcher is playing a dangerous game of mistaken identity...
In the middle of the night, sitting on a dock, soaking wet, and hung over after unceremoniously being dumped in the bay; Jonas Watcher finds a business card along with some keys; Curious... A couple of grand in cash; Curious and very nice...And a Colt 44; Curious and very deadly?
It's the nineteen thirties and Jonas Watcher must solve the mystery of the dead PI if he wants to stay alive.
“The Case of the Running Bag” is the first novel of the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure series. It features a nontraditional P.I. dealing with extortion, kidnapping, and murder.
Author Gene Poschman brings back the hard-boiled detective novel, featuring the romance and humor reminiscent …

Joseph Carrabis Interviews Gene Poschman

First, there was David Frost, interviewer extraordinaire from England. Then came Dick Cavett from Nebraska. In the last half of the Twentieth Century, these twomen interviewed anyone who was someone. With the coming of a new millennium a new platform and a new type of interviewer.
Joseph Carrabis takes on the task of exploring the minds of authors in a new series of interviews on the internet.
Face to face and delving into the psyches of a new breed of writer. Learn of their successes and failures. Discover the hidden secrets of those who choose to challenge us with their plots, characters, and fascinating tales of truth and fiction. Joseph Carrabis takes on the self-published creator and author of the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure Series, Gene Poschman. What does it take to create a series? Why write in a genre made great by Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett? Is Gene really older than dirt? Join Joseph Carrabis as he shares a first in their lifetime interview with the author Gene…

Re-Pricing Books

I am working on my fourth book, and I should have it published for consumption July 24, 2017. Here is a synopsis of that book:

Who killed Mickey Phillips?
Jonas Watcher went to the docks for some clam chowder and sourdough bread. He became aware of two men who showed an unusual interest in him. He played cat and mouse with them and finally led them back to his office.
The confrontation wasn't what Jonas expected. After a discussion with the two men over some coffee laced with
Irish Whiskey, Jonas learned a shocking truth. A truth that sent him on a journey to Sacramento with his newly acquired girlfriend Mei Lin Fong and her family butler Charles,
In Sacramento, Jonas made a phone call that resulted in them being put under surveillance that took an ominous turn.

In the 1930s, political isolationists had an agenda focused on keeping the United States out of the current conflicts in Europe. And, they added one item to the top of their list: killing Jonas Watcher.
Jonas needs the wisdom of …

Does Offering a Pre-Order of an eBook Work Towards More Sales?

This article is a Work In Progress.

I am working on the fourth book in the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure series. The first thing I will share is that I got a professional book cover creator. The cost is affordable and the results are great. His designs have given my stories a brand that is repeatable and I like the look and feel the books now have. Additionally, the books come in three different formats; eBook, paperback book, and audio book. My fourth book will be released in July 2017. I am starting promotions and advertising in advance of the release to generate "buzz". This, in turn, is supposed to generate more sales which will help pay for me to continue to write. For me personally, it means my readership has increased and hopefully more people are reading my novels and enjoying them. In order to set up books for pre-order, you need a cover, you need a synopsis, and you need to be writing a novel and it will be available on the release date. In this case, it is July…

Creating An Audio Book - "The Case of the Running Bag" a Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure

In The Begining...

I had considered reading my own book, and I may yet one day, but I just don't have the time as a new author. That is a bit of a stretch to say new author, I have been writing for over forty years. I have only been actively writing mystery novels since 2014. Actually they are better described as detective adventure novels circa 1930. Getting into the world of self publishing was a decision based upon expediency. Egotistically I believe I write novels that are worthy of publication and I have had a number of professionals that agree with me. Since I am an old fart I decided to publish on my own. But what does that have to do with reading my own book? As a self published author I thought I might produce audiobooks of my novels all on my own. As I said, I dont have the time. More on that later.

Life As a Self Publishing Amatuer

Currently I have three books on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, iTunes, Kobo and other internet sites.
The first book, "The Case of the Runn…

Mysteries of the Noir Detective Stories

A writer with a Copy Editor
Once I started mystery Novels, I had a lot of people who wanted to offer advice. A lot of it was good and a lot of it was just different. The one thing I definitely needed was a copy editor. I was fortunate to get two. They have been great in helping me fine tune my writing. If you are interested in finding a good copy editor, take a look at Grizbokkit . I use Peter to handle copy for me in advertising and of course my books. My Blog is me, warts and all. I'm sure Peter would have apoplexy if he saw what appears in my blog. 
New Book Format
“The Case of the Running Bag” Audiobook is in the final stages of production and will be released in October 2012. It is being created using ACX. While noir mysteries continue to be among the most popular books that are read, the daily commuter looks to audio books to provide the passing of time during a commute entertainment. Traveling by train or a bumpy bus ride can be a more pleasant experience as the commuter is …