Jonas Watcher: The Case of the Running Bag

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Jonas Watcher

It is difficult to get activity for a relatively new writer especially one who is self-published. There is no money machine behind the marketing of a new writer of mystery or detective adventure novels. I have had two book signings in my hometown and they have been successful in that I have personally received feedback that has been very positive. I must be one on the best kept secrets of the genre.

My next step, other than working on book three (book 2 is also available at, is to try and generate some interest in the film capital of the world, or the USA. It is a long shot at best, but I know a filmmaker and I asked her for some guidance in this, and the following is my first  step into that world. I have purchased a screenwriting book called "Save the Cat" and I have created a description that I hope will garner attention. The thing is how to go about it, so an entry in my blog and as I try to get it out through social media, I hope others will share this. Here is the write-up.

 The Case of the Running Bag Genre: Light Film Noir Detective Adventure Circa 1930's – Jesse Stone, Nick Charles, and Tomas Magnum rolled up into one in a Dashiell Hammett story. An adventure detective story about a down and out veteran who gets mixed up in a case of missing husband and the investigation leads to blackmail, kidnapping and Murder.

Logline: Jonas Watcher overcomes his own demons to solve a case of a missing husband, involving blackmail, kidnapping, and murder while trying to find out who wants him dead.

This film would be PG-13 and appeal to a wide spectrum of age groups – from teenagers to men and women who like adventure and mystery that includes both strong male and female characters. People who enjoyed Robert Downey Jr.'s latest "Sherlock Holmes" will enjoy this film.

The themes include struggling with your own demons while helping other people in trouble, getting your life back on track, developing new friendships, and rediscovering the passion for what you do best.

Synopsis: The Case of the Running Bag follows Jonas Watcher from being a derelict, hung over on the wharf, and almost killed to being given a second chance. When he discovers “The Running Bag” it provides him with direction that leads him deeper into trouble and the tools to redeem himself as an investigator.

Know a filmmaker, please pass this on.

Gene Poschman

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