The Case of the Jade Dragon Approaches being Published.

Create Space

I will use CreateSpace to print up Proofs for my readers who will check my story for continuity and I will provide a word document for those who will do proofing for me. I choose createSpace because so far they have provided me the best pricing to get my books printed through POD. I have looked to others, but they are more expensive, even as much as twice what CreateSpace charges me.

The front cover has everything I want. A shadowed image of Jonas Watcher, I blue-eyed Chinese woman and an image that works for me as the Azure Dragon. In the story, the statue is carved in jade. I also like the color of the cover. I am also fond of the shadowed image of the front cover on the rear cover.

The cover went through several iterations which I have documented and this is the finalist. I have finished the rough draft. I have gone through the novel with Grammarly and I have done a first pass at wordsmithing. It is time for my proofreaders to take a crack at the book and for my story people to make sure the continuity of my story is intact and the flow makes sense. I will also sit down and just read it. After I get everyone's input, I will go back to the computer and put the finishing touches on the novel.

One of my proofreaders will get an electronic copy and he will put the in his fixes. If he finds anything that is truly out there, we will talk about it. Otherwise, he will send me a corrected copy. I then take that copy and apply the input from my other sources as I fell they are appropriate. Five sets of eyes will pass over the book before it passes on to be published.

If you have any questions about the process, please let me know.

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