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Want to Make the Gods Laugh, Tell Them You Have a Plan

I have been working on the Jonas Watcher Series for about two years,
I am starting my third year. When I thing about books, I usually start with an idea. Next, I develop a title. It helps to give me direction as to where I want the story to go. The title may change a bit, but it is usually pretty close to the original title. "The Case of the Jade Dragon" was born from a scene from an old "Have Gun, Will Travel" episode. Maybe on day I will tell which one, though those who are familiar with the series may be able to figure it out.

As I work on novels, ideas and title come to me for new ones and I will put them down. I will also do some outlining. That way I don't lose the story. I have completed three novels in the series and I have six in some form of development. I have been settling down to tackle the next novel in the cycle when I realized that the cycle may be wrong. I decided to get some feedback. So I am including some titles here along with a thumbnail of the story and some artwork that may be related to the stories. Then I would feedback. Providing readers what they are interested in seems to me to be a good thing to do. So If you will respond to the email address or leave a comment at the end of the post I would be grateful.

The three titles that are in the running are; "The Case of the Looking Glass Mirror", "The Case of the Mischevious Pirate", and "The Case of the Laveau Curse".

The Case of the Looking Glass Mirror
Possible Artwork for the cover of
 "The Case of the Looking Glass Mirror"

The name has always been on a list I created. I realize that looking glass and mirror are the same thing, but there is a touch of whimsy in putting the two together in a title. "Through the Looking Glass: And What Alice Found There" was the inspiration for the novel. In a way, I am using the general pattern of the book as an outline for "The Case of the Looking Glass Mirror". Ironically this book will be the most like a who done it, with a touch of whimsy and a collection of what I hope will be curious and interesting characters.

The story starts out with Lieutenant Sanders contacting Jonas to take over the investigation of a stolen rare copy of "Through the Looking Glass". The owner has become intolerable, expecting the police to make the theft of his book a major police priority. Sanders has convinced the owner that a private detective would meet his needs, and that Jonas would keep the police informed and have access to police resources as needed. The man is wealthy and he is willing to pay for a man to handle his case exclusively.

It all starts out simple enough but when Sanders takes Jonas to meet the owner, they walk into a double homicide. Sanders insists, Jonas focus on the book theft while the police will deal with the homicides. Jonas is in agreement. The only problem is as Jonas tracks down the book, more bodies keep showing up. In the style of Lewis Carrols book, Jonas takes a journey into the bizarre, only it isn't a dream.

The Case of the Mischevious Pirate

Possible cover art for
The Case of the Mischievous Pirate
Everyone wants to write about pirates. The stories out of the Caribean in the 17th and 18th centuries have created some of the most flamboyant, colorful and dangerous characters in history and literature. Based upon a little-known fact I have created a story that deals with modern day pirates, a search for buried treasure, and an adventure that takes Jonas to the islands in search of a sunken ship that has two treasures. Smuggling, island politics, and the mysterious world of island mythology leave Jonas confused as to who the good guys are. If there are any.

It all ties back to Billie Whitehall's family. Georgette, his mother, has partnered with some colorful characters to raise a sunken ship near one of the Carribean islands. Jonas promises to tag along to see that Georgette's interests are protected. When he is almost killed he calls for reinforcements in the guise of Mr. Smith. Mr.Smith apparently know more about Carribean history and sunken treasure and the two must outwit two competitors in order to stay alive.

The Case of the Laveau Curse

Possible cover art for
The Case of the Laveau Curse
This book is indirectly related to "The Case of the Bourbon Street Hustler". The stories are not related, but it does have many of the same characters who were introduced in New Orleans from the earlier book. While I touched on the mythology connected to New Orleans and the Bayou, it was all back story and I never really developed it. In "The Case of the Laveau Curse I will interweave, Voodoo, vampires, and werewolves while keeping my story and feet in the real world. There is alway an element of truth in all myths and when Jonas returns to New Orleans it is because Georgette, Billie Whitehall's mother, has been kidnapped. It is tied to old family feuds, but it also ties into the underworld around New Orleans where fear is a major weapon and reason is not always the best defense.

New OrleansCulture has always been steeped with a touch of the darker side of nature, but not always for the purpose of evil but for the need for poetic justice. In this book' Jonas must deal with the practitioners from the dark side but must enlist their help to save Georgette and even himself. He finds out the truth of Voodoo and the source of some of the other myths that continue to haunt New Orleans. He even finds that there are no answers for some questions.

Your Help Please

As you can see there are three fascinating stories to be told, but I need help. I am leaning in the direction of one of the stories, but I want to know what readers would like to read. You can respond to this post directly, or if you prefer you can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Gene Poschman

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