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I wish I could say I have been reaping the rewards of being a full-time writer, but in fact, The Sisters Fate have been messing with me. If  my references to the Sisters Fate doesn't resonate with you, I might be able to help with that. First, I have finished my third book in the Jonas Watcher series and have had it published through CreateSpace and Smashwords.

The third book is "The Case of the Jade Dragon". In this story, Jonas comes to the rescue of an older Asian gentleman and his daughter. This good deed puts Jonas in the crosshairs of a number of underworld groups because he agrees to escort a bride from St.Louis to San Francisco. A gun fight on a train, A cross country flight on a dragon, a game of three car monte in SanFrancisco, and Jonas relying on his skills as a sniper won't save him from the forces after him. He must call upon the hidden talents of the Azure Dragon to bring together two feuding families steeped in ancient Chinese traditions.

Now it's back to the Sisters Fate. Not that I am going to go into details here about them. I am going to provide access to those who are interested in what I was referring to, especially if you like mysteries and detective stories. In celebration of my third book being published, I am providing a free eBook to the first Jonas Watcher adventure; "The Case of the Running Bag". I have put it out as a free book, but not all internet sites have participated. I am providing links to those participants so you can get your free copy of the eBook.

An Author's Gift

Find out how Jonas became a private detective, discover how the Sisters Fate are involved, and learn about the invisibles'

Barnes and Noble is an online bookstore "The Case of the Running Bag".

KOBO is an online bookstore "The Case of the Running Bag"

While each book is a standalone read, the sequential order is "The Case of the Running Bag", "The Case of the Bourbon Street Hustler" and "The Case of the Jade Dragon". For more information about the books and where you can but them - My Website.

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