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The Case of the Running Bag is the first novel in the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure Series.

The eBook is free at all internet booksellers.*
A Simple Accident? Or Attempted Murder?
A socialite's husband is missing. A private detective is dead and Jonas Watcher is playing a dangerous game of mistaken identity...

In the middle of the night, sitting on a dock, soaking wet, and hung over after unceremoniously being dumped in the bay; Jonas Watcher finds a business card along with some keys; Curious... A couple of grand in cash; Curious and very nice...And a Colt 44; Curious and very deadly?

It's the nineteen thirties and Jonas Watcher must solve the mystery of the dead PI if he wants to stay alive.

The Case of the Running Bag” is the first novel of the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure series. It features a nontraditional P.I. dealing with extortion, kidnapping, and murder.

Author Gene Poschman brings back the hard-boiled detective novel, featuring the romance and humor reminiscent of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

Pick up a free copy “The Case of the Running Bag” and step into the exciting age of the 1930s San Francisco.


The plot is classically complicated, the characters crisp, the plot fast-moving: It kept me up a couple of nights because I had trouble putting it down. I highly recommend this as a just a great, well-paced fun read.
. An exciting mystery, from the 1930's. Eager to read the next Jonas Watcher mystery. 
There's a good balance between focus on characters and their relationships and the unfolding mystery. Some of the terminology was a bit unfamiliar, but that's because of the time setting of the story. And yet, that feature makes it feel more authentic. 
This is the first book I've read by Gene Poschman...
And it won't be the last... I enjoyed the story...and can't wait to learn more about the characters in the next book....I'm also a big fan of this era and to his credit...he was spot on...
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Gene Poschman


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