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Jonas Watcher: The Case of the Running Bag

The Jonas Watcher books in both paperback and digital are available at, below is the link. Jonas Watcher It is difficult to get activity for a relatively new writer especially one who is self-published. There is no money machine behind the marketing of a new writer of mystery or detective adventure novels. I have had two book signings in my hometown and they have been successful in that I have personally received feedback that has been very positive. I must be one on the best kept secrets of the genre. My next step, other than working on book three (book 2 is also available at, is to try and generate some interest in the film capital of the world, or the USA. It is a long shot at best, but I know a filmmaker and I asked her for some guidance in this, and the following is my first  step into that world. I have purchased a screenwriting book called "Save the Cat" and I have created a description that I hope will garner attention. The thing is how to

The Movies Part II : Save The Cat.

The line that sticks in my mind is a line from "Enemy of the State"; it is delivered by Gene Hackman.      "Get the cat..." Gene Hackman's character is about to blow up a building and he tells Will Smith to get the cat. For a better understanding of what I mean, you will want to read "Save the Cat" by Blake Snyder. It is a book on writing screenplays. This is a relatively short Blog, but I hope that if you read it you will take the time to reply. The primary purpose of this blog is to present loglines for the six books in the Jonas Watcher Series. Loglines are more commonly used for movies. I have a tendency to think of my books in how they will show up on the screen so I am incorporating Loglines into advertising my books, creating treatments, and perhaps either creating or participating in writing screenplays that will be optioned. However, first things first, the Loglines. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. " The Case of

Getting into the Movies

If you are reading this because you think I am about to provide a path to turning your masterpiece into a blockbuster, I am sorry, because I hope this is my journey and I do not know how it will turn out. If you have a contact in the film world, I suggest you connect with that person and hope they can be of assistance. In my case, I know a filmmaker whose work I admire I and I have asked her for advice. This is my first attempt in providing her with what she suggested. She recommended the book "Save the Cat", which I will pick up when I get my next check. She also wants a brief description of the books and their genre plus "Movie like references". That is what this blog entry will be all about. So sit back and read, there is more to come as I continue writing my third novel and work towards seeing my novels "At the Movies". The "Genre" could be categorized as light Film Noir. I write somewhere between Dashiell Hammett and Dick Francis. The