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Want to be a Writer, Then Write

The Challenges of Writing When I can't Write There are a lot of reasons not to write. You can make them up as you go, or you can just not write. The question really becomes are you a writer, novelist, blogger, playwright, screenwriter, or a wanna be. There is nothing wrong with being a wanna be. Writing is is always a challenge, especially if you want to be a good or great writer. There is good news if that is the case. If you want to be a writer, then write. Don't pretend to write, don't just talk about writing, just write. Forget about the image of Richard Castle or Jessica Fletcher, Writing is work. If you feel the need to write, if you feel you will explode if you don't write, Then write. If I haven't scared you off, then let me share with you when I can't or won't write. It's called life. If you are a member of a family or a community, then things will get in the way of writing. You have to make time for writing. Make it a vocation. Set asi