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Research and the Science of Zombies

Taking the Subject Off Target to Get Back on Target To most myths there is always an element of truth, and zombies are no exception. To make my point I will travel back to ancient Greece and the mythical description of a great battle between an army of Cyclopes and the gods. So horrific was this battle that the bones of dead Cyclopes littered a valley. As additional evidence, there had been so much blood that the mud of the valley had been dyed red. For generations stories had been handed down about the battle. For proof that the battle had taken place, the weaver of the story would show the valley with the ground that had been dyed red with the blood of the dead and wounded. Then to add additional proof the teller of tales pointer land littered with the bones of the cyclopes, the giant one-eyed monsters. Of course, today we know the truth, the clay in the valley floor contains large quantities of iron which makes it red. As for the bones that littered the ground ... Mammoths

Research Source for New Detective Mystery Adventure

The Case of the Looking Glass Mirror I know, my rough draft for "The Case of the Jade Dragon" is only at chapter 10 and some people are following it. I have finished the gunfight in the baggage car plus Jonas and Xifeng getting together, PG-rated, sorry voyeurs. I am working on Chapter 11 - The Mythical Hop Alley hopefully some surprises here. But I need to multi-task, as I have ten books to complete. Here is the link for the chapters to The Case of the Jade Dragon  WIP. From Through The Looking Glass, illustration by John Tenniel The fourth book in the series is "The Case of the Looking Glass Mirror" and I am outlining and researching it as I finish "The Case of the Jade Dragon". Research for my fourth book began when I was reading "Through the Looking Glass: and What Alice Found There" by Lewis Carroll. As I was reading through the book, I realized that with some re-engineering I could turn this into a murder mystery. While I do n