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A Woman Spy in Victorian England, A Thirties PI In SF, Booh & Babbot, and Dragons?

I have a number of outstanding projects and I am not always careful in letting people know what I am working on. So here are some descriptions of what I am doing and where I am at, and links where you can learn more about what I am doing. In Her Majesty's Service I have completed the first two drafts and handed it off to my editor. Now I nervously sit and wait for his response. The following link is to the Facebook page for the series. It is followed by a link to The blog for the same series. The Adventures of Booh and Babbot A number of years ago I had finished a book called the "Gamemaker's Apprentice" and I developed a game. It went through a number of iterations and never went anywhere. Out of it came a couple of characters and a Backstory. Now I have an Illustrated Book in development thanks to the gifted Illustrator named Lar