A Woman Spy in Victorian England, A Thirties PI In SF, Booh & Babbot, and Dragons?

I have a number of outstanding projects and I am not always careful in letting people know what I am working on. So here are some descriptions of what I am doing and where I am at, and links where you can learn more about what I am doing.

In Her Majesty's Service

I have completed the first two drafts and handed it off to my editor. Now I nervously sit and wait for his response. The following link is to the Facebook page for the series. It is followed by a link to The blog for the same series.  

The Adventures of Booh and Babbot

A number of years ago I had finished a book called the "Gamemaker's Apprentice" and I developed a game. It went through a number of iterations and never went anywhere. Out of it came a couple of characters and a Backstory. Now I have an Illustrated Book in development thanks to the gifted Illustrator named Lara Calleja. You can see her work on my blog page. The Facebook page will give you information also.

A Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure

There are four books in The Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure Series. I am working on book number 5. Look at the Blog and Facebook page to get more information in a couple of days.

The Dragon's of Aberdeen Saga

All I can say for now... There may be Dragons here...


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