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Cover Conflict

I am updating this post because there seems to be some confusion between what the original poster looked like that was the inspiration for my book cover. Here is the original Poster. Original ChinaTown Poster Used as Inspiration This secondary poster showed up in 2012 for a movie named Faith in Destiny. Having seen the second poster, I thought that it might be okay to use the cover on the left that I developed from a number of clipart images I own. However, I received a number of comments that it did remind readers of Chinatown, and I should consider altering the cover. So I altered  the cover and the one on the right is what I came up with.  I hope this additional information will help people understand where it started and Where I ended.                                   I would like comments of what you think and any suggestions. It could get you a reference in Acknowledgements. Plus I would really like to hear what people think.