Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Recently on of my smarter moves was to join a local writers group in Hayward. Last Saturday we had Julia Park Tracy as a guest speaker. None of my doing, and she was an excellent guest speaker. She is an author, speaker and the current Poet Laureate for Alameda, Ca.

The second thing I did was sign up to participate in the "Meet the Local Authors" fair at the Castro Valley Library. There will be 38 authors participating on June 20th. It is here that I am officially launching the second book in my mystery detective series Jonas Watcher. The first book was The Running Bag, and the second book is named The Bourbon Street Hustler.

This is the first such fair that I am participating in and I have spent some legwork and time putting up flyers for the fair. I do not know if other libraries are doing this, but it seem like a great idea to me.

And lastly, to date I have a book signing at the Hayward Book Shop on the 18th of July, the same day as the Hayward wine walk. I am hoping for any input in how to make my book signing a success. This is my first book signing. I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about book signings, and I really do not expect to make much money, but if I can connect with readers, That will be enough. 

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