Is James Patterson's Master Class Worth the Price of Admission?

In my early twenties, I purchased a course in writing from the "Famous Writers School". I could ill afford it at the time, but my wife supported my decision and we paid the money and I received the materials.
Famous Writers?

I did pretty good in the beginning, I received positive feedback and useful critics. Unfortunately, there was an assignment I just couldn't get my head wrapped around and I stalled. I did finish that assignment, but I never finished the course.

I took classes in writing from the local community college and I did well academically. How good I was as an author besides classmates saying "That's great" and the teacher providing me with some amount of praise, was an unknown.

I should note that my wife was positively supportive, but when something didn't work for her in my writing, she was honest and that helped me reevaluate what I was writing.

Life got in the way, and I had a career as a programmer analyst which paid substantially enough that I needed to focus on it. Writing became assignments to write documentation, white papers, an occasional newsletter and training materials. Not a lot of room for a whimsical imagination.

Jonas Watcher
A couple of years ago I went into semi-retirement and with my wife's support I returned to my first love, lying...writing fiction. I have self-published two books and I am official releasing the second book, "Jonas Watcher: The Case of the Bourbon Street Hustler", this June 20th at a "Meet the Authors Fair" at the Castro Valley Library. I am working on the third book, working title "Jonas Watcher: The Case of the Jade Dragon".

While trying to increase my exposure on the internet and in the real world I came across this ad for James Patterson Master Class. While it has shades of the Famous Writers school, I suspect that James Patterson has a little more credibility, and the class is $90.

James Patterson
There are 22 lessons totaling about 3 hours of video. Is James Patterson worth $30 and hour plus the other items listed in the class? At this point, I can't say, but since I am hoping to improve my skills as a novelist, and hoping to discover a way to better market myself, I can think of worse ways to spend $90. I am on Social Security, so I have to budget for  the class. Watch this space, and I will provide a critique for the course.

After a bit of a discussion with my wife, I decided to purchase the James Patterson Teaches Writing class. I watched the introduction and the second lesson, and I am encouraged by what I have seen. There is a workbook, and, of course, a presence on facebook. I haven't quite worked around the whole join and be counted on Facebook, but I have set up an avatar, commented in the introduction, and I am working through the workbook. I am excited to hear what James Paterson has to say. When starting any new adventure one starts out with a euphoria, and I hope to maintain it throughout the course.

Gene Poschman

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