Possible Book Covers - The Case of the Jade Dragon

While I have been working on writing "The Case of the Jade Dragon", I have also been active in two other areas. The first has been developing a following and an interest in the Jonas Watcher Detective series. There have been a lot of false starts and some that show promise and I will share in future posts. The second area of activity has been in developing a professional looking book cover. I have four possible options and I am looking for feedback.  Readers and writers are the best people to provide the kind of help I am looking for, so please share you thoughts.

I am using the CreateSpace book cover creator and providing my own images.

The first cover has an image I manipulated after purchasing the rights to use it. The author description is light for the moment and I will add to it later. The image is an artist's view of a street scene of China town in San Francisco. When you click on the image it should enlarge to give you a better view. this is "Cover 1". The blurb on the back is open to criticism. Also whatever biographical  information you think might be of interest would also be of help.

This is "Cover 2" - which has a film noir black and white image That I did some adaption to. I added fog and colored in the light. When you use CreateSpace you are limited in options of font and style. I am showing a single style choice, although there are a considerable number of options available. Commenting on my choice of style is also open to discussion. If you have used CreateSpace, by all means share.

"Cover 3" is a collage of different posters, so while it may be familiar, I have made it my own. While I do have a couple of favorites, I do need to hear  your thoughts. I chose the color because of  the book title, but I am very open to thoughts about my choices.

In "Cover 4" I wish I could have moved the title down and I would have liked to have included the phrase on the back cover on the front somehow. Well here are the four covers and after I publish I will give four of you signed copies of the third book in the Jonas Watcher series, "The Case of the Jade Dragon". You can now see the first three chapters of the book on my Goodreads Blog. You might take a look to see if you have a better thought for the image I should use. I am open to other suggestions.

Here is another cover. I read some of the responses and I found another cover style that might fit better than these. Please comment.

Gene Poschman

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