When Worlds Collide!

Space Debris from 3D Models at Renderosity 
No, it is not about science fiction, but about when you are relaxing and you come across something and your muse jumps out at you and hits you across the head with a two by four and yells, "Wake up and check this out!"

I am a customer of Renderosity and I get regular posts about what is available. Part of my relax and get started writing process is I will play a single round of a game and I will go through the Renderosity newsletter and see what is new. Then I will put on some music, mostly instrumental, sometimes from the Big Band Era, and sometimes more current like CCR. Then I settle in and I write.

Today in a Renderosity Newsletter there was a reference to a 3d model "WaterFront 1930s". I had thought about using a waterfront picture for "Jonas Watcher: The Case of the Running Bag", after all that is where Jonas is almost murdered and the story starts. I never could find anything I liked.
Blue Tree Studio  "3D Waterfront"
at Renderosity

When you look at what Blue Tree Studio created, it is a 3D world on the waterfront. I have Daz Studio and Unity (There are free copies of both) and I can set up that world and move around until I find the shot I want. Then I create a JPEG and I have the image I was looking for. I know this is possible, and not all that difficult. Before I started on my Jonas Watcher series, I was foolish enough to think I could create a 3D adventure game on my own using Unity. I am not without skill. I am an excellent JavaScript programmer, an imaginative storyteller, adept as a digital artist manipulating images, and I have played enough adventure games to have a pretty good idea on how they work. I was even able to create a 3d world in Unity that a user could stroll through. It lacked a lot and there was a lot to game development that I was also lacking.

Booh and Babbot
So I fell back on my most prolific gift, storytelling. Jonas Watcher was born.

I still made purchases from Renderosity in hopes of being able to use artwork to illustrate my books, create a graphic novel, or if I became a significant enough writer I could interest a game developer to pick up my Booh and Babbot game series.

The key to this particular post is artwork. If you are not an artist, where can you get artwork, and if you are an artist, where can you sell artwork? Renderosity! You may want to check them out. Need a book cover, want to do a graphic novel, want to create a game, want to illustrate a book? You get the picture. There are a number of studios that have artwork at Renderosity, that I have made purchases at, but these in no way reflect the myriad of artists work that is available, but they are the ones I have been happiest with. There is R Publishing. fictional bookshelf, dexsoft-games, and now Blue Tree Studio.

The colliding worlds are that of the artist, of which I am not, and the writer, which I am. Renderosity makes artwork, much of which is in 3d and allows you to use it in a professional capacity based upon the EULA attached to the artwork. When in doubt contact the artist.

If you are a self-published writer, this is an incredible and affordable resource that can help you achieve great book covers, illustrations for stories, and to expand your work into the graphic novel arena if it is appropriate, and digital gaming?

It is not earth-shaking, just a little nudge to look outside the box when trying to solve a problem.

Gene Poschman

Author of Jonas Watcher Books

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