Asking Advice on the cover for The Fifth Book in The Jonas Watcher Detective Series

To the right is a cover idea I have for the fifth book in the in the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure Series; "The Case of the Laveau Curse". Please take a look at the cover and tell me what you think. 

The book is due to come out this summer. Here is a synopsis of what's to come...

Jonas Watcher's has been asked to return to New Orleans by Georgette Maveaux.

Her son came for a visit and he has disappeared into the Bayou.

While the issues of Jason's previous visit were very much worldly, he is now to be confronted with the mythology of Southern Louisiana.

A decedent  Marie Catherine Laveau has demanded payment for a hundred-year-old debt.

Baron Samdi has been approached to collect that debt. A Vodou ceremony is held to bring the Baron from the other world and Jonas is witness to the process.

After all the theatrics Jonas meets with Doc? He is a GP who practices in New Orleans and on the edge of the Bayou. He is an expert in Vodou and other mystic arts. He is cantankerous, outspoken, and is not easily frightened. But when Georgette Maveaux disappears Doc warns Joseph off.

Joseph learns that there is a war brewing in the Bayou. Worthless swampland has always had oil under it, but now it can be drilled for. It means big money and there are those who would resort to anything to come out on top.

The mythology of the Bayou mixes with the mythology of New Orleans and Jonas will need to use all his weapons to stay alive and rescue Billie and Georgette. 

Jonas is very much a twentieth-century man who has been dropped into a culture of Rougarou, zombies, voodoo, and vampires?

That laughter you here are from Clotho, Lahkesis, and Atropos, the sisters of fate, and they can be fickle bitches.


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