Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure Series

On Amazon, "The Case of the Running Bag", which is a free eBook, is number 8 in Young Adult Mystery and number 30 in Fiction historical mystery.

Was it an accident, or was it an Attempted Murder?

A socialite's missing husband. A dead private detective. And a dangerous game of impersonation...
It all started when Jonas Watcher found a business card along with some keys – curious... some money – a really good thing... and a gun definitely deadly...

It's the nineteen thirties and Jonas Watcher must solve the mystery of the dead PI if he wants to stay alive.

“The Case of the Running Bag” is the first novel of the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure series. It features a traditional P.I. dealing with extortion, kidnapping, and murder. Author Gene Poschman brings back the hard-boiled detective novel, featuring the romance and humor reminiscent of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler.

Pick up a free copy of the first book in the Jonas Watcher series and step into the exciting age of a1930s gumshoe.

The Case of the Bourbon Street Hustler is number 82 in Young Adult Mystery. It made the top 100. Its placement is fleeting and is based on the number of purchases.

Murder in the Bayou!

Jonas Watcher arrives to determine if a dead man is really dead. Someone is dogging him to make sure he doesn't find out. The investigation takes him from the French Quarter to the surrounding Bayou.

If he's going to stay alive, Jonas will have to rely on “invisibles” that aren't his own and a Colt 44 that is.

“The Case of the Bourbon Street Hustler” is the second novel in the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure series. Author, Gene Poschman, takes Jonas out of his element and drops him into the Crescent City during political turmoil between New Orleans police and Baton Rouge troopers. He mixes in an old love interest, the New Orleans underworld, and friends from San Francisco for a heady brew of murder, mystery, and mayhem.

Purchase “The Case of the Bourbon Street Hustler” and take a journey back to the 1930s New Orleans and the Bayou, where the most dangerous reptiles walk on two legs.

The Case of the Jade Dragon is 110 in Young Adult Mystery. That position is also fleeting.

Who said Weddings Couldn't be Dangerous?

When PI Jonas Watcher sees a Chinese couple being kidnapped; he sighs, grabs his gun, and goes to help them. This selfless act involves Jonas with the Chinese underworld. He is hired to unite two families by bringing a prospective bride from St. Louis to San Francisco for an arranged marriage.

There are those who will kill to keep him from succeeding. His mission is complicated even more by his employer's beautiful granddaughter wants to come along, and she knows where the bride is. A girl, his Colt 44, and diplomacy; Jonas will have to use all three if he wishes to end the feud and live to tell the tale.

“The Case of the Jade Dragon” is the third novel of the Jonas Watcher Detective Adventure series. It's the 1930s in San Francisco’s Chinatown, where old traditions conflict with the new, and Jonas gets caught up in a world of mysticism, a deadly family feud, and a potential underworld war.

Author Gene Poschman brings a new slant to the noir hard-boiled detective by introducing him to a world out of his comfort zone and adding an exotic love interest.

Purchase “The Case of the Jade Dragon” and travel by train, plane, and automobile to learn the fate of the Azure Dragon.

The Case of the Dead Detective is 111 in Young Adult Mystery. That position is also fleeting.

Who killed Mickey Phillips?

Jonas Watcher went to the docks for some clam chowder and sourdough bread. He became aware of two men who showed an unusual interest in him. He played cat and mouse with them and finally led them back to his office.

The confrontation wasn't what Jonas expected. After a discussion with the two men over some coffee laced with Irish Whiskey, Jonas learned a shocking truth. A truth that sent him on a journey to Sacramento with his newly acquired girlfriend Mei Lin Fong and her family butler Charles.

In Sacramento, Jonas made a phone call that resulted in them being put under surveillance that took an ominous turn.

In the 1930s, political isolationists had an agenda focused on keeping the United States out of the current conflicts in Europe. And, they added one item to the top of their list; kill Jonas Watcher.

Jonas needs the wisdom of Solomon to get out of this alive, and he finds it wearing a rumpled fedora and coat.

On Amazon and Goodreads, My books all run 4-star plus. If you like mysteries involving detectives in the 1930s, like film noir movies and are a detective adventure romantic, give my books a try.

Remember The Case of the Running Bag eBook is free. It is a fast read, entertaining, and bet you can't just read one.

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